Cold Calling, just send me over some information...

Published: 12th September 2008
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Cold Calling "Just, send me some information."

Has this ever happened to you?

You: Good morning, Jane. Is Bill Jones available?

Gatekeeper: May I ask what this is in regards to?

You: Sure Jane, I faxed Bill the other day and told him I'd call at this time."

Gatekeeper: Who's calling?

You: Kevin Boyle

Gatekeeper: One moment please, Let me check for you...

Gatekeeper: OK, Mr. Boyle I will transfer you now.

You: Thank you Jane.

Your prospect: Hello

You: Hi Bill, This is Kevin Boyle from The Secrets to Sales Mastery do you have a quick 2 minutes? I'd like to talk to you about how I can improve your sales people's cold calling and prospecting results.

Your prospect: I'm afraid not Kevin, can you just send me some information?

Yikes! Seems like we have run into a dead end!

I always advocate putting yuorself in your customers shoes and seeing things from their perspective. Your prospects are overwhelmed and inundated by e-mails, phone calls, and meeting their own sales budgets. To remain effective, busy executives must remain indifferent to your sales advances. Busy juggling multiple projects, they practice astute time management skills: do, dump, or delegate.

Is it any wonder you get the polite brush off?

So the question becomes what to do?

I don't believe in objection handling or overcoming objections, I believe in objection prevention.

My sales call goes something like this...

Gatekeeper: OK, Mr. Boyle I will transfer you now.

You: Thank you Jane.

Your prospect: Hello

You: Hi Bill, This is Kevin Boyle from The Secrets to Sales Mastery, I had sent you a fax yesterday. I'll be brief and to the point. We specialize in helping salespeople improve their cold-calling results. I'd like to send you over some information... Can I verify your email address?

Your prospect: Sure!

I then verify his correct email address and I then ask my one BEST question that is designed to get my prospect talking about his business, his current supplier if he already has one and his problem.

His problem???

That's right, his problem is universal.

Every sales manager has salespeople who are not meeting their sales budgets, and it's generally because they are either not good at or comfortable with cold calling.

Every business person has a problem that your product or service addresses.

The trick is learning how to frame it in such a way as to get your prospect or customers to admit that he or she needs help!

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Did you know that up to 80% of all new sales and business people who fail within their first year do so because of cold call reluctance? What if I could show you an easy to follow, easy to use system that took the "cold" out of cold calling?

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Kevin is an expert sales coach/trainer and the author of "The Secrets to Sales Mastery"

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